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Dennis Marcellino is an internationally famous musician, speaker, media personality and the author of 6 books. He’s a former member of Sly & The Family Stone, and The Tokens (famous for their hit “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”) and has an internationally bestselling CD of his own.

Speech Topic #1:
Better than Drugs and Alcohol: What to say "Yes" to that will make you want to say "No" to Abusing Alcohol and Drugs
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"Wellness" is a popular topic in the corporate world now. And for good reason. And Dennis says that is because: "A healthy, happy worker not bogged down by personal problems is a more productive worker and therefore is good for the bottom line of a company, its production, its success, and its morale."

This is an alcohol and drug awareness speech by a professional musician whose been in top name bands and knows first hand the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol. Do you know how people sometimes ruin their career, health, finances, relationships and even die from overdoses or alcohol/drug related accidents? And alcohol and drug abuse undermines their ability to do a good job. Dennis Marcellino's "Better Than Alcohol and Drugs" speech shows  a person how to not be vulnerable to falling into the tragedies that often come from abusing alcohol and drugs. Dennis' speech includes "sobering" facts on the real dangers associated with abusing alcohol and drugs. But realizing that people are often driven more by feelings than logic, he also addresses the real emotional causes behind most alcohol and drug abuse and how to resolve them. He has some moving pertinent personal stories to share as well, and is also a 'before and after' story himself. Dennis is the author of Sweeping It Under The Drug and Addiction Free Forever.

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Speech #2: How to Improve Confidence, Self-Esteem and Performance in Business and Personal Relationships
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Many people struggle with shyness or being overly intimidated by others in some area of their lives whether it is in business or personal relationships. This speech gives tips on getting over shyness, being assertive but not aggressive, having appropriate boundaries, and tips on performance and public speaking. As a professional musician Dennis started out as a very shy person on stage and off, always afraid to be and reveal his true self and feelings. This progressed to years spent suffering with agoraphobia. He's conquered these fears and insecurities to the point of having a successful career as a musician ... even a front man on stage... and a speaker, having performed on the biggest stages, and being a guest on many TV shows and radio, even performing in front of 350,000 people at Cal Jam II in Southern California while a member of his own band, Rubicon. In this speech he passes on how that transition can be made and how a person can feel confident on stage and in life with others.

Dennis can customize these and other topics to fit your group or event as well as add music to his presentation if desired.

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Spice Up Your Convention
Meeting or Company Rally!

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What Dennis can bring to your group
Hearing speaker after speaker can become stressful, wearying and lose the desired effect: retention. Dennis has come up with a formula to solve this problem that proved to be a big success with the Fred Meyer Corporation for 7 years. It has 4 potential components to it.

(1) A musical “kick off” to energize the attendees, including him singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (as a former member of the band that had that hit) and a rousing song on the sax. (Dennis has quotes that say he’s the best sax player in the world).

(2) With company insiders, Dennis wrote custom mini-parodies to popular songs for each executive (when bringing them up to speak), and each department (with the department heads coming up to sing their custom song), and for the company in general.

(3) There could be a party the night before, where everyone gets to rehearse their parts.

(4) There can be a party afterwards, where Dennis performs a little and then breaks it out into a Karaoke/Choiroke session of mostly oldies with lyric books, helped along by Dennis. All of these songs are especially popular with today’s executives who are mostly Dennis’ age. A great time is usually had by all :-)

In addition, Dennis can offer dinner music (mostly easy-listening jazz, based on the fact that he’s had an internationally bestselling jazz CD), dance music (as a DJ or a band),

For more information or to book Dennis for your event:
Call 503-650-8840 or

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How to Improve Confidence, Self-Esteem and Performance in Business and Personal Relationships
Better than Alcohol and Drugs: What to say "Yes" to that will make you want to say "No" to Alcohol and Drugs
Spice Up Your Convention, Meeting or Company Rally!
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“The Lion Sleeps Tonight really got people geared up – hands, bodies, fingers, feet moving to the music. Dennis was gracious in consenting to an encore at the end. Dennis’ message comes from a unique perspective. Thought provoking and well accepted.” – Larry Everson, Program Coordinator, Bonneville Power Administration (a federal agency), simulcast to 3 states

“It’s amazing what Dennis does with an audience!” – Norm Myrh, Sr. Vice President (Head Of Advertising), Fred Meyer Corporation

“If there is a better sax player in the world, I haven’t heard him.” – Carter Knox, entertainment director, Fred Meyer Corporation (the #1 retail music outlet on the west coast)

“Dennis Marcellino is a superb presenter! He articulated his arguments skillfully and convincingly, coupled with illustrations from his personal life’s journey. His PowerPoint graphics were well crafted and at a subsequent gathering he demonstrated his enormous musical talent on the saxophone. I would highly recommend Dennis to those desiring a stimulating and entertaining program.”
Dr. Keith H. Swenson, Event coordinator, Professor of Biology
Multnomah University, Portland, OR

“Many were impressed with (Dennis Marcellino’s) presentation, and in fact gave him a standing ovation.”
Bob Grzelak, Event Director, Rockford, Illinois

“I highly recommend Dennis Marcellino as an entertaining and informative speaker. He did a wonderful job. The audience of 1,000 responded very well to his passion, humor and music.”
Lynn Hoffman, Conference Director, Northern California

“Dennis Marcellino’s performance was fantastic! He engaged the audience in the opening seconds and kept their attention throughout the session. Dennis is a talented storyteller and musician, and he wove these two talents together beautifully and in a unique style. I am exceedingly happy with his
presentation, and will invite him to speak at future events and recommend him to others.”
Wendi Watson, Director of Marketing and Events, Restore America

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