Music Roots

Marcellino was born and raised in San Francisco and started out as a typical all-American boy involved in boy scouts and was the oldest of four children from a traditional Italian family. His grandfather bought him a clarinet, which he started playing at 8 years old. He fell so in love with it as an extension of his lifelong love of music that he began going door to door to play for people (and for tips) and played on the street corner in his neighborhood. Within 2 years he was touring all the elementary schools in San Francisco as a soloist. With the encouragement of his junior high teacher,cdslistennow.html ended up being the first chair player of nearly every instrument in the school band, including clarinet, trombone, sousaphone, oboe, bassoon and cello in the school orchestra. He also continued as a featured clarinet soloist. Soon he was playing at the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962 and in two Rose Bowl parades (1961 and 1962). Because of the changing tastes in popular music in America, in 1962 he switched to saxophone and became a vocalist/front man in his first rock band, The Spotliters, whom he worked with until 1965, when he also got married the month after he graduated from Lowell High School.

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