The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Unchained Melody

Daddy’s Home

What A Wonderful World

Oldies R Still More Fun

Bring It On Home To Me

Love Song

That’s The Way Love Is

Better Run Back

I Am The Music Man

Daddy’s Home CD
Feel-good oldies including “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
by a former member of The Tokens who originally had the hit.

“The Best version of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ I’ve ever heard!”
Ken O’Brien, DJ, KISN-FM (the #1 radio station in Portland, OR)

“All the remakes on this CD sound better than the originals!”
– Bart Brodsky, Publisher of “Open Exchange”, Berkeley, California

"Dennis Marcellino's music is totally phenomenal! I mean, REALLY... the solo in "Bring it on Home To Me" just completely blew me away! "
Carl Spagnuolo, Musical Director for Bo Diddley and entertainment attorney, Boca Raton, FL

"I absolutely love this CD! Dennis is so-o-o talented. My thanks to Dennis for making such beautiful music. He has a beautiful voice, and tremendous instrumental talent. I hope this CD makes it big because this is something too great for the human race to not have!"
Theresa Lina, Concert pianist, Atlanta, Georgia

"This CD is great! I've been playing 'Unchained Melody' over and over. It's head over heels better than the original."
Leslie Nicolaides, Ludwig Publishing, Los Angeles

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This recording of 6 oldies and 4 originals was made with a desire to try to fill a very needy void in today's music market: healthy romance, family and love.

This CD is a celebration of positive romance and family. In the '50s, when some of these songs were hits, the relationships between men and women were much nicer, as can be evidenced by the lyrics and feels of many of the songs from that era. Unfortunately, today there is such a great lack in the music industry of happy, positive, fun, and normal romantic songs. Why? Is the media just reflecting a very bad state of life in our country....or is it helping to cause it? At any rate, it is perpetuating it, and not helping to counteract it by putting out positive, helpful messages. The hope of this project is to help fill the negative void in the media with some positiveness.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Being a former member of the group that made this song a hit (The Tokens), and having performed it many times, I always wanted to redo it with harmony on the lead vocal.

Unchained Melody - Consistently voted the #1 oldie of all time. This song was my and my wife's song when we got married in 1965. It only made it to #4 when it first came out by the Righteous Brothers. Being in the movie "Ghost" made it the hit that it now is.

Daddy's Home - Something that, unfortunately, more and more families are needing to hear these days. (Originally recorded by Shep and The Limelighters).

What A Wonderful World - A happy, romantic song that says: it's mainly love that makes life a wonderful world. (Originally recorded by Sam Cooke).

Oldies R Still More Fun - A medley that reiterates what people seem to be saying in movies, TV, radio and ads: oldies are still more fun. (Original)

Bring It On Home To Me - The positive aspect of this song is that the man in this relationship is humbling himself, being repentent about how he acted wrongly, and is now asking for forgiveness. Of course, all of what I just said was mental justification to allow me to do a song on this CD that has a lyric viewpoint that is less than stellar but does have a good feel and a great opportunity for a sax solo. (Originally recorded by Sam Cooke).

Love Song - This song (recorded by Elton John in 1972) is about how romantic love and spiritual love are indelibly intertwined.

That's The Way Love Is - A song that says: It's love that sets us free. The lyrics can be viewed as speaking about either romantic or spiritual love. (Original)

Better Run Back - This song is about the importance of commitment in a marriage, and how to never let "chasing rainbows" pull you away from that commitment. If it starts to, you better RUN back. (Original)

I Am The Music Man - One of God's greatest gifts to us (if we know how to not spoil or abuse it) is the cuteness and unbridled love of children. (Co-written with my son, Timmy, although it was his original idea. Also, sung by Timmy when he was 5 years old).